Rejuran Products

Have you heard about the salmon sperm facial?


This is the hottest skin booster from Korea. The active ingredient,
PDRN, activates the skin’s ability to self-regenerate, promotes
collagen and elastin production, and deeply hydrates the skin. In
turn, you will notice that the skin complexion is brighter, reduced
pore skin, reduced redness as soon as 5-7 days after the treatment!

There are many different methods to administer the Rejuran skin
boosters and they all differ based on the type of results you are
looking for.

Combined with BBLaser, Picosure, and Potenza:
Combining the Rejuran Healer, Skinbooster, or Tone-up with our laser
treatments is one of our patient favorite ways maximize results. The
advantage of incorporating the Rejuran topically with laser treatments
is that you will get the amazing results of the laser itself and the
Rejuran will cut your downtime in half. For example, if you want to
remove your sun spots while addressing skin dullness and lack of
hydration, the Picosure with Rejuran will be a great treatment to
reduce the pigmentation and deeply hydrating the skin. Another
favorite combination is the Picosure, Potenza, and Rejuran Skinbooster
to address all layers of the skin and achieve the most rejuvenating
results! The Rejuran is an amazing skin booster that can be added to
any laser treatment to decrease inflammation, increase hydration, and
reduce your downtime significantly.

Injection of the Rejuran:
Injecting the Rejuran into the skin is the most popular method in
Korea because the product is able to be placed deeply in the dermis.
Remember, all of our collagen and elastin cells lie in the dermis
layer of the skin.  Injecting the Rejuran, whether by individual
needles or mesotherapy, will allow the skin to be hydrated from deep
inside of the skin, improve the skin’s natural barrier, and ultimately
give you the most natural, beautiful effects.

Rejuran is the secret sauce for the dewy, glass skin that all the
Korean celebrities have. Now, you don’t have to fly all the way to
Korea because we have all the best treatments right here at Halo
Beverly Hills.