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Hair growth occurs in four distinct phases.

The first, known as the anagen phase or growing phase, is the lengthiest, lasting 3-5 years, during which hair follicles actively produce hair. Following this is the catagen phase, a transitional period lasting about 10 days, where follicles shrink and hair growth slows. Subsequently, the telogen phase, or resting phase, occurs, lasting roughly 3 months, during which hair neither grows nor falls out while new hairs begin to form within the follicles. Finally, the exogen phase is characterized by shedding, with individuals typically shedding around 50-100 hairs daily.

Various factors can contribute to hair loss, including genetics, medications, trauma, medical conditions, stress, and hairstyling practices. Age and the extent of hair loss is considered when determining the treatment plan for each patient. To combat hair loss nonsurgically, studies have shown that medications, supplements, and low power laser treatments have been successful.

At Halo Beverly Hills, we merge advanced technology with potent boosters such as exosomes and PRP for effective hair regrowth treatments. We've witnessed remarkable improvements in hair regrowth through below three distinct treatments. Our providers create personalized plans for your hair growth and treatment, ensuring optimal results.


Lavieen is a nonablative thulium laser that operates at a wavelength of 1,927 nm causing microtrauma or destruction of the outermost layers of the skin triggering a wound healing response.

Recent research has explored the impact of thulium laser treatment on hair loss. Studies showed no damage to hair follicles across all settings used for thulium laser treatment. The treatment led to increased hair density and shaft diameter compared to baseline, and when combined with topical growth factors (such as PRP or exosomes), it resulted in statistically significant improvements over laser treatment alone.


Exosomes carry amino acids, growth factors, vitamins, and coenzymes that stimulate the growth and mobility of skin fibroblasts, benefiting hair growth and scalp health.

When mature hair follicles encounter exosomes derived from young stem cells, they acquire vital elements for revitalization. This boosts the regenerative potential and youthful characteristics of the follicle cells, leading to less hair loss, a healthier growth cycle, and visibly increased hair volume.

PRP (Platelet Rich Plasma)

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Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) is collected from a patient’s own blood sample that is centrifuged to create a high concentration of platelets in a small amount of plasma. Platelets are made in the bone marrow and play an important role in blood coagulation. PRP is rich in growth factors and has been theorized to act on stem cells in the hair follicles. Injecting PRP for hair restoration improves hair loss by enhancing blood flow and promoting growth in hair cells. Procedure takes as little as an hour with minimal downtime!


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I had such an AWESOME experience at Halo Beverly Hills.

PA Haley Trinh is professional and talented with a knowledge of her specialty that surpassed my expectations. I'm a real wimp when it comes to this stuff so PA Haley numbed my skin pretty well and took time to explain the procedures and reassured me throughout. She Picosured my neck and face and followed that with Potenza. The Potenza was still a bit uncomfortable but she helped me get through it. Afterwards, I got injected with some Dysport. I'm 3 weeks out from my procedures and the heavy lines all over my face and neck have really improved.

This place is gorgeous with sweet views of LA & was relaxing from the moment I walked through the front door. I'd give 6 stars if yelp allowed more than 5. Thank you !

Mr. M.B.

San Rafael, CA

I have been wanting to get Botox and I came across Nurse Angella.

She is really amazing! I was super nervous especially this being my first time getting any treatments done. She made the whole process very comfortable. I highly highly recommend scheduling an appointment here. I will definitely be coming back for my touch up~

Michelle H.

Artesia, CA

Love love nurse Angella!

I see her for jaw pain relief injections and for fine lines. She's so knowledgeable and makes sure you still look like you. Just a more refreshed version.

betty k.

Los Angeles, CA

This place is absolutely amazing!

I found Nurse Angella on instagram and switched from my previous clinic that was expensive and stuffy - but this office has the most kind, friendly staff and nurse angella is patient, explains everything and helps you find a treatment plan for your budget. My botox results are 10/10 and i felt like she actually did the proper prep work to figure out where to inject that my other plastic surgeon doctor didn't! Love this place and will continue coming here!

Briana K.

Chino Hills, CA