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Nonsurgical Neck Lift


The platysma muscle is a thin muscle covering the entire neck and lower part of the face. It functions to pull down the jaw to open the mouth as well as assist in pulling down the corners of the mouth to form a frown. As we age, skin laxity increases and muscle tone decreases. This causes the platysma to become more prominent in the form of platysmal banding which is the first sign of an aging neck.

Although they are not medically concerning, they can be a cosmetic issue for some individuals, leading to the appearance of loose skin, potentially contributing to a double chin, neck wrinkles, or what’s colloquially known as a “turkey neck.” Therefore, neurotoxin injections into the platysma muscle results in lifting of the lower third of the face and jawline contour. It can also lessen lines around the lower half of the face, smooth out dimpled skin, and reduce the appearance of jowling.

If you are looking to have a slender neckline like Queen Nefertiti from Egypt, then this nonsurgical option may be what you are looking for!

Before and after Dysport injections into the lower face and neck