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“Tech neck” has become a rising aesthetic concern as young adults and children have frequently bent their necks forward to look at cell phones, tablets, or books. With increased usage, aging, and skin laxity, horizontal neck lines appear as linear depressions or furrows on the front part of the neck. A slender, smooth, wrinkle-free neck […]

This is the hottest skin booster from Korea. The active ingredient,PDRN, activates the skin’s ability to self-regenerate, promotescollagen and elastin production, and deeply hydrates the skin. Inturn, you will notice that the skin complexion is brighter, reducedpore skin, reduced redness as soon as 5-7 days after the treatment! There are many different methods to administer […]

1. Fillers will make me look fake and unnatural. With the right aesthetic eye and aesthetic injector, fillers can be a natural enhancement that no one would know unless you told them! 2. Fillers are permanent. Fillers are made of hyaluronic acid which the body produces naturally in places like your skin, eyes, and joints. […]

The platysma muscle is a thin muscle covering the entire neck and lower part of the face. It functions to pull down the jaw to open the mouth as well as assist in pulling down the corners of the mouth to form a frown. As we age, skin laxity increases and muscle tone decreases. This […]

What is Sculptra? Sculptra is a biostimulatory injectable that promotes your body to produce collagen cells. Sculptra differs from other HA-fillers because the results will take a full 6-8 weeks to fully show versus HA fillers will have an immediate effect. Since Sculptra stimulates collagen production, it takes time for the cells to respond to […]